From The Director's Desk: Bring on 2017

Retreat Director Scott Colebourne with Vice-Captain Catie Johnson at the Week 1 Miami Retreat Top 10 Love’s as we smash off the New Year: 1. I would love for 2017 to be there year that Roger wins another grand slam, and while we’re at it I’d be happy for Rafa to win one as well. 2. Speaking of winning, I’d love the Ball Busters to take the title at Amelia Island (If this ever happens then Sal Barbaro may stop complaining about how the other captains cheat). 3. I’d love for a Ladies Retreat draft to not end in a fist fight for once. 4. I look forward to those that were unable to attend in 2016 due to Hurricane Matthew returning in 2017 and having twice as much fun to make up for it. 5. I love

Captain Spotlight: Sal Barbaro

1)How does it feel to be featured in the Captain Spotlight? Well, its just another day for me. My life is the spotlight. While most captains from places like New Zealand might feel honored by something like this, this is just more proof of how awesome my life is… 2)Where does this rank in your career in terms of accomplishments? Pretty low. Listen, I knew how awesome I was the day I was born. I really have more important things to worry about like captaining the Ball Busters and being nominated by People for the Sexiest Man Alive 3)You are all over social media. Why should we join #TeamSal? If you don’t know the answer to that question already you are wasting my time. Next question plea

Rookie Roundup: Jennifer Scace

Scace, pictured middle, with her Alley Cat teammates celebrating Retreat victory! 1. Where are you from? Toronto, Ontario (Toronto Lawn Tennis Club) 2. When and where was your first retreat? Key Biscayne in October 2016. First Thoughts? I knew going in that we were going to have a great time, but I was really excited about the format, days filled with tennis and evening activities planned, meant smooth sailing. This was the first time I had experienced more than just tennis. 3. Favorite shot and why? The put away at the net! it is so satisfying and you know your opponent will think twice when you're at the net next time! 4. What aspect of your game do you feel improves the most during the re

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