2015 Retreat Team Winners & Favorite Pro of the Year

2015 Winners:

Rancho Las Palmas: Jerome Millet & Alberto Fernandez - Hot Swingers La Costa: Robert Menzies- Deuces Wild Amelia Island (May): Scott Colebourne & Jake Baranowski- Alley Cats Ritz Key Biscayne (Week 1) Max Mangones & Don Henderson- Ball Busters Amelia Island (October): Scott Colebourne & Travis Roberts- Deuces Wild Ritz Key Biscayne (Week 2): Max Mangones & Elliott Pegg- Deuces Wild

2015 Favorite Pro of the Year:

Based on the compiled responsoes from our Retreat Surveys throughout the year, we are excited to announce that Jake "State Farm" Baranowski

is the winner of this prestigious title for 2015! Congrats Jake!

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