Winner's Report

From nice guys finish last to making history! The first ever Miami ​​captain to win back to back retreats, Max Mangones!

As I sit in my office a couple weeks removed from the last ladies retreat in Miami, I'm thinking of how hard it was to win a retreat the last 6 years and how close and sometimes not so close I was. It hurt so much watching the other teams and their coaches cheer and rejoice after their victories. Watching them sip champagne and take selfies with the trophy, I always felt sick to my stomach!

This year I was determined to make a difference and wow did I ever! I was lucky to have coached two great teams back to back, have a fantastic co-captain each week and finally be the winning captain on both occasions! I owe it all to the ladies who participated of my Team Week 1 and Week 3, it was truly all about them and how they competed throughout the week!

I can now finally check off winning the retreat from my bucket list!

Thank you ladies!​

Max Mangones

Retreat Captain and Director of Tennis

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami​​

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