Where Did Dr. Rob Go?

A few of you may be aware that Dr Rob Menzies is currently not in the country. Some say he was called back to his homeland of New Zealand to run for Prime Minister; others were confused and say that he is in Australia going on his walkabout in the outback to get in touch with himself.

Well, we managed to track him down by sending out searcher Kiwis to see what he is currently up to. Q) Are you alive and well? A) Very much so. I am in my hometown of Auckland, undertaking a severe conditioning and strength regime to get ready for the upcoming tennis season Q) Why did you leave and go home? A) When one work visa ends, you have to get another one to stay in the country. I will be back in the country around April/May time with a legal work visa ready to pay my taxes again. Q) Are you being fed? A) Scarcely. Food supplies are limited in New Zealand. Send taquitos and pizza. Q) What are you doing down there? A) Relaxing. It has been around three and a half years since I was last home for a decent amount of time. I have been catching up with long lost friends, spending time with the family (my nephew Devlynn is now 7 years old!), doing a little bit of teaching and a lot of working out and playing tennis. Q) Where can I send the food supplies? A) If you send it in a box labeled "Rob in New Zealand", Tim the postman will know where to go as there are only like 35 people in this country and only two Robs. We would have asked Rob more questions but New Zealand only got internet five days ago so it kept cutting out.

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