Rookie on the Radar: Catherine Lipinksy

1.) Where are you from? ​​

Minneapolis, MN 2.) Favorite shot and why?

I love my forehand. It's my most consistent shot - I can use it to keep a point going with a deep cross course shot or as a weapon with a down-the-line approach. 3.) What was your favorite part of the retreat?

Without a doubt, I loved all of the tennis play, from drills in the am to match play on the afternoon. I can't remember when I got to play that much tennis in one day! 4.) Was the retreat what you expected?

The retreat ended up being so much more than I expected. The friendships I made with the other woman and pros was a surprise -- I can't wait to get together again in the near future and share our love of tennis. 5.) Parting words?

The retreat was an amazing experience that reignited my passion for tennis. I feel so lucky to have attended and plan on making it an annual occurrence!

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