The Return of Dr. Menzies

1.) What did you miss most about CDT while you were back in New Zealand? ​​The amount of people that share the same love of the game that I do and believe in the same teaching philosophy. New Zealand is fantastic but the amount of adults that want to learn and improve is much smaller. 2.) Did you take any medical classes to give your tile Dr. Menzies merit? I have honorary degrees in Canadian Studies and Poultry Science, but the name came from my ability to fix pretty much anything… on the tennis court (although it never hurts to get a second opinion) 3.) What were the highlights of the La Costa and Amelia Island Retreats?

The highlights were as follows (in no particular order): 1) Dancing in the 7-11 parking lot while blasting 80s music from the car. 2) Trying to do the Saturday night prize giving in a lecture theatre when everyone had access to microphones. 3) Trying to explain to people why I was filming Sal on the beach wearing only USA flag underwear. 4) As with every retreat, it is seeing all the familiar faces again, meeting new ones and making lifelong friends. 4.) What can we expect from the new and improved doctor of CDT?

While I was home, I visiting my old high school to check in with

all my old teachers, including my Media Studies (Film and Videography) teacher. I was able to share the type of videos I have been working on and he challenged me to use my skills to tell more stories and not just document events. I came back to the country with fresh ideas and I hope to implement them during the ladies retreats and even this summer at my home base of Stratton Mountain, Vermont. 5.) What is the next retreat you will be coaching in?

I am pleased to say that I will be at the October retreats in both Key Biscayne and Amelia Island where I will be filming and assisting in various forms. As for the next time I captain a team… well after winning the only retreat where I’ve led a team, I’m not sure if the other captains will want me to be leading a team again. We will have to wait and see.

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