Captain Spotlight: Sal Barbaro

1)How does it feel to be featured in the Captain Spotlight?

Well, its just another day for me. My life is the spotlight. While most captains from places like New Zealand might feel honored by something like this, this is just more proof of how awesome my life is…

2)Where does this rank in your career in terms of accomplishments?

Pretty low. Listen, I knew how awesome I was the day I was born. I really have more important things to worry about like captaining the Ball Busters and being nominated by People for the Sexiest Man Alive

3)You are all over social media. Why should we join #TeamSal?

If you don’t know the answer to that question already you are wasting my time. Next question please.

4)Where do you come up with the inspiration for your often controversial video-skits?

Nobody wants conventional. You got to turn heads nowadays. The Ball Busters have never been one to go by the book. We aren’t here to please people and we certainly aren’t here to make friends. The more haters you have the better!

5)What is your favorite thing about being a Retreat Captain?

The 24/7 high praise that I always seem to get. It doesn’t get old. It's like breathing air to me.

In all seriousness though I must say I love the camaraderie that these retreats always bring. Its one of those things that’s really never advertised but everyone talks about when the retreat is done. Whether its camper to camper, camper to coach, or even coach to coach there is such a great bond between people after its all over. Five days is a really long time but somehow without fail it goes by so fast.

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