From The Director's Desk: Bring on 2017

Retreat Director Scott Colebourne with Vice-Captain Catie Johnson at the Week 1 Miami Retreat

Top 10 Love’s as we smash off the New Year:

1. I would love for 2017 to be there year that Roger wins another grand slam, and while we’re at it I’d be happy for Rafa to win one as well.

2. Speaking of winning, I’d love the Ball Busters to take the title at Amelia Island (If this ever happens then Sal Barbaro may stop complaining about how the other captains cheat).

3. I’d love for a Ladies Retreat draft to not end in a fist fight for once.

4. I look forward to those that were unable to attend in 2016 due to Hurricane Matthew returning in 2017 and having twice as much fun to make up for it.

5. I love those ladies that did attend during Hurricane Matthew, we had a fantastic time and only played a couple hours less of tennis than usual and more than made up for it during the evening activities!

6. I love having an assistant to the assistant retreat director, in Joey “Tennis Nerd” Hanf! If you haven’t met him, Joey joined us for two retreats in the fall and made a big impression.

7. I loved the pro exhibitions we had in 2016 and we’ve set a very high standard for 2017. It’s hard to beat the atmosphere when the final matches have been played and all the ladies can sit back and relax with a beverage and enjoy the pros playing some high quality tennis.

8. I loved Dr. Rob Menzies dance moves, he is still the undisputed King of Thursday night. There were some doubts midyear however Dr. Rob stepped up his game in Miami in the fall. Rumor has it that he’s currently traveling to South East Asia to learn new techniques for the spring.

9. I love the mini-vans. In fact, so much so that this year I bought my own personal minivan so that I can feel like it’s a retreat every day of the year.

10. I love the friendships. Whether it’s alumni or rookie campers, each week is not only a celebration of tennis but of friendship. It’s so great to see the transformation in the groups from Wednesday to Sunday and how quickly friendships are formed. These are then kept going year after year and from retreat to retreat.

NEW FOR 2017

After the debut of the first ever Facebook Live pro exhibition, we are excited to be expanding out digital efforts to involve the masses! For the first time in Retreat history, we have opened up polling for the costume party to the public!


2017 Retreat Schedule

VIP Experience at the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Mar 6-10 Omni La Costa Resort and Spa - California April 26 – 30

Omni Amelia Island Plantation - Florida May 3 - 7

The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne - Florida October 4-8 Omni Amelia Island Plantation - Florida October 11 - 15 The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne - Florida October 18 – 22

All the best for 2017, hopefully we see you at a retreat this year and you share the same love for the game that we do.

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