Rookie Roundup: Jennifer Scace

Scace, pictured center, with her winning Alley Cat teammates at the Miami Retreat

Scace, pictured middle, with her Alley Cat teammates celebrating Retreat victory!

1. Where are you from?

Toronto, Ontario (Toronto Lawn Tennis Club)

2. When and where was your first retreat?

Key Biscayne in October 2016.

First Thoughts?

I knew going in that we were going to have a great time, but I was really excited about the format, days filled with tennis and evening activities planned, meant smooth sailing. This was the first time I had experienced more than just tennis.

3. Favorite shot and why?

The put away at the net! it is so satisfying and you know your opponent will think twice when you're at the net next time!

4. What aspect of your game do you feel improves the most during the retreat?

I think my timing becomes more consistent and my positioning around the net improves(I found the Martini analogy resonated with me for some reason)

5. What was your favorite off court activity during a retreat?

We were lucky to have such a great beach nearby so everyday at lunch we would hit the beach, quick dip, rest (occasional beer) and be refreshed for the afternoon session.

6.Any advice for a future retreat rookie?

Ha! Enjoy it all! Surprisingly my tennis was ok even with a few late nights!

7. Parting words?

It is fun to conjure up memories of retreat, we laughed for four days straight and on the plane all the way to the back to Toronto! The retreat was the best trip to take with friends, we loved the tennis, the camaraderie amongst Scott and the Pros and the down time with great friends. Total winning combo!

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