Alumni Preview: Deann Zoghlin

  1. Where are you from? Currently live in Lake Forest, Illinois a northern Suburb of Chicago, IL. I was born and raised in a very small town of about 700 people outside of Evansville, IN.

  2. What is your favorite shot and why? I love my backhand volley. I tend not to turn my shoulders enough so it angles off the court for lots of unintentional winners.

  3. What is your favorite retreat location? San Diego

  4. What is your favorite retreat memory? There are so many but playing doubles against Cliff Drysdale at Amelia Island during a drill in 2017 had to be an opportunity of a lifetime.

  5. What is your advice for the Retreat Rookies? Be prepared to learn a lot and welcome words of wisdom. Welcome the opportunity to learn how to play with people better than you are and to learn how to bring out the best in partners that might still be trying to get to where you are.

  6. Parting words? Relax, Have fun and be prepared for the Best Week in Tennis

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