Coach's Spotlight: Rob Menzies (Dr. Rob)

1.What did you miss most about CDT while you were away?

I missed being with a company that cares so much about tennis as a whole, not just the business side of it. Like minded directors, pros and corporate staff that want to see this sport do well. Coming from New Zealand, it's very easy to see how this sport can get lost if the right people aren't steering it in the right direction.

2. What is something our campers should know about you?

I spent my time out of the states traveling around. I visited Europe and South East Asia, participating in a volunteer program in Laos and Thailand. I ticked "Be a Day Laborer" off the list of things I didn't know I wanted to be. I also, shamefully, could not last past two famous Khao San Road buckets in Bangkok.

3. What is your favorite thing to do when you are not playing tennis?

I am a big movie aficionado, and I will watch as many movies as I can. Having experience since high school about making short films (and Ladies Retreat videos), I enjoy watching movies of different genres and look forward to the day when I get an idea with pursuing in film.

Outside of that, I reminisce about "Glory Days Rob". The big hair, the incomprehensible accent, and the naivety of being a Kiwi in the states (with no credit score!).

4. What are you most looking forward to in the October Ladies Retreats?

It will be good to catch up with all the faces I haven't seen (outside of Facebook). I am looking forward to getting back to my old stomping grounds that I haven't set foot on in two years. I'd say Amelia Island can only handle about a week of Rob Menzies before I wear out my welcome once more. As for Miami... I may be 27 now, but I'll stay up past 9pm if it means hitting Brickell with the ladies again.

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