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5 Most Common Club-Level Tennis Mistakes

Tennis is a sport that requires skill, technique, and precision. For club players, mastering the fundamentals can make a significant difference in their performance on the court. We sat down with Senior Director Rob Wright, who has overseen a variety of club and resort programs across the U.S., to dive into the 5 most common club-level mistakes we see as well as how to fix them in your own game!

1. The Forehand Grip Trap

One of the most transparent errors in club tennis is the overuse of the forehand grip. Players often use their forehand grip for every shot, whether it's the serve, volley, forehand, backhand, or even overheads. While the forehand grip is essential for forehand shots, it's crucial to adopt the correct grips for various strokes. Using a continental grip for volleys, a proper serve grip for serves, and adjusting your grip for backhand shots can significantly enhance your shot control and effectiveness.

2. Neglecting the Follow-Through A common mistake is failing to follow through on the forehand and underutilizing the non-dominant hand. A complete follow-through is essential for consistency and power in your shots. Moreover, incorporating the non-dominant hand in your strokes not only provides stability but also allows for more accurate ball placement. Practicing the follow-through and incorporating the non-dominant hand can make a substantial difference in your game.

3. Moving Backwards After a Great Shot Club players often make the mistake of hitting an excellent shot from mid-court and then retreating backward instead of moving forward to maintain court position. A well-placed shot from mid-court should be an opportunity to gain an advantageous position on the court, ideally closer to the net where you can take advantage of an easy volley or overhead. Instead of retreating, focus on maintaining a forward stance to pressure your opponent and control the point.

4. Poor Shot Preparation and Contact Point Another common error is hitting too close to the body and taking the racquet back too late, resulting in poor shot preparation and a late contact point. Adequate preparation is essential for precise and powerful shots. Work on taking the racquet back early and maintaining the correct distance between your body and the ball. This will improve your shot accuracy and efficiency.

5. Squaring Up at the Net At the net, club players often make the mistake of hitting volleys and overheads while being squared to the net. Instead, focus on maintaining a semi-open stance to be prepared to move in any direction. By staying in a more dynamic position, you'll have better control of your shots and can react faster. When you’re anticipating an overhead, turn sideways right away as it is easier to allow for complete upper body rotation through the swing, and to protect yourself from running backwards and tripping. All the mistakes mentioned are the most common club mistakes we have seen at different locations that can be prevented and you can work on all the time in team clinics, private lessons, or at any of our Signature Events with EXPERIENCE Travel. By implementing the suggested corrections, you can elevate your game and have a better experience on court. Practice and repetition are essential to make the right adjustments to your game and become successful in your tennis journey!


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