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CDT and PBI camps and resorts work with and welcome all travel agents and their clients to join us on a tennis, pickleball, or padel vacation or experience at our resort destinations across the world. We extend agent commissions for package bookings and referrals.

Commissions are 10% on pre-tax revenue for custom tennis vacations and 5% on pre-tax revenue for signature events. A travel agent number and business W9 is required, and commission checks are mailed at the completion of a guest's travel dates. The travel agent referral program cannot be combined with any other travel promotions or discounts. 

Commissions apply to any package coming through a travel agent. If a guest returns and books themselves without an agent's assistance, commission is not paid. We are happy to work with and build relationships with agents to create a custom tennis, pickleball, or padel experience for tennis guests and fans of any level. We are glad to work with agents to create custom package options, personalize experiences, and even host special events at select professional tournaments. 


For more information, please reach out to our travel team via email or call 866-397-4040.

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