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Building The Best Ladies Tennis Team Getaway

Building the perfect vacation involves juggling many factors, and navigating these details can often be the most stressful part. Fortunately, you don't have to tackle it alone. Our Experience Travel team is here to help alleviate some of that pressure by assisting you in planning the ideal tennis getaway for you and your team. For a seamlessly smooth planning experience, it's good to have a solid game plan before reaching out to a travel agent. We're here to guide you through some of the key details to consider first to create the perfect tennis vacation for you and your ladies.

Determine Your Destination

Start by pinpointing your ideal travel destination or narrowing down your list of top-pick locations. This initial step sets the tone for the entire planning process. Whether you're envisioning a trip to the West Coast or torn between a few enticing locales, no need to worry - our Experience Travel team is here to help guide you towards the perfect place that aligns with your wants and needs. And if you've already chosen your destination, even better! A few questions that should factor in your decision:

  1. Is there a direct flight to the nearest airport?

  2. Does the destination have the surface (hard/clay/grass) that you would prefer to play on?

  3. Are there additional amenities/activities that you're looking for available at the destination?

Establish Your Group Size

During the early stages of planning your trip, it's important to establish the number of people in your group who will be traveling. This information allows our team to plan your court time effectively and ensure the proper player-to-professional ratio. It also allows us to provide you with an accurate quote for your trip, minimizing any cost-related surprises and making for an overall smoother experience. We recommend at least 4 people, and we can accommodate groups up to 40 or 50 in size depending on the resort and their court availability. Please note, the larger the group, the longer lead time we recommend so all your friends/team members have time to register and book travel.

Define Your Focus

Collaborate with your group to identify the key areas you want to improve and the amount of court time desired for your camp. Identifying the weaknesses in your tennis game and specifying your court time preferences will help our professionals tailor and organize your camp effectively, ensuring you get the most out of your trip. We can create daily schedules that include group instruction, clinics and private lessons, coached match play, pro-ams, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Designate Your Group Coordinator

Choose a member of your group, such as your team captain or the organization and planning enthusiast (it will most likely be YOU, the person reading this blog who is organized!) to lead communications with the travel agent. This central point of contact ensures that everyone is aligned with the plan, minimizes confusion, and promotes a smoother planning process.

Arrive Optimistic and Ready to Learn

Our tennis professionals are filled with a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to help enhance various aspects of your game. Approach your sessions with an open mind, prepared to absorb new knowledge and we guarantee that your experience will be enriching and enjoyable. You'll leave with a newfound confidence in your game, all while having a rewarding and fun experience.


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