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Tips for Choosing the Right Pickleball Paddle

By: Luana Stanciu, Pickleball Program Director at John Newcombe Country Club

Whether you are new to the exciting world of pickleball or an avid player looking to refine your skills, choosing the right paddle can significantly impact your game. The perfect paddle can enhance your control, power, and overall enjoyment while playing. Check out this guide on the key features to consider when choosing your paddle.


Skill Level

Pickleball paddles are an investment, and it is important to choose one that matches your abilities and can grow with you. If you are a beginner, opt for a light and sturdy paddle that is easy to maneuver on court. Intermediate to advanced players should select a strong paddle that supports power, speed and control.


Playing Style

Your playing style will influence the type of paddle that will suit your game. For more control, choose a paddle that is thicker as it offers more control and a larger sweet spot. Carbon fiber paddles are also safe bets for enhanced control. Power-seekers will enjoy the speed that comes with thinner paddles. Fiberglass paddles will also support a power-heavy game style.


Handle Length

Unlike in tennis, the sizes you see when purchasing a pickleball paddle refer to the grip length – not the grip circumference. If you hit a single-handed backhand in pickleball, then you can go with the standard handle length. If you are a two-handed backhand player, be sure to choose the extended paddle.


At the end of the day, the right paddle for you will be the one that feels best on court. Considering your skill level, playing style, and handle length are all good starting points to find paddle options that complement your strengths and help develop your skills.


For a more personalized recommendation, you can also reach out to your local Cliff Drysdale Tennis or PBI Tennis instructor to try out paddles in person that align with your game!


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