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Doubles Boot Camp 2022: Coach Reflections

This year Cliff Drysdale Tennis held four Doubles Boot Camps - one at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa and three at Omni Amelia Island Resort. The year’s camps brought unforgettable memories for both the players and coaches, but also, so much more. Read this year’s 2022 Doubles Boot Camp coach reflections, reminisce about your trip, or look forward to attending the event in 2023.

What was your favorite moment at Doubles Boot Camp 2022?

I had a lot of favorite moments at the Doubles Boot Camp, from the first day of meeting the players and making our first impression on them as coaches, to the last day when you have developed relationships with them and see improvements. Every hour spent with the players is unique and I enjoyed all of it!

-Luana Stanciu, Tennis Professional at Omni Amelia Island Resort

My favorite tradition is at the end of each day, after hours of tennis, when we do the “hands in breakout.” It’s a great way to finish the day and brings everyone together.

-Elliot Pegg, Senior Director of Tennis at Southampton Club and Camp

I really loved the afternoon of the second day. Most of the afternoon is dedicated to match play, and it's a ton of fun to watch players execute things that they've been working on prior to that. You start to see ideas and strategies really click for a lot of the players, and it's great to see them realize the value in all the earlier drills. At the end of the match play session, we put on the pro exhibition, and being able to harness our energy and skills as pros to entertain that group of players was an amazing time.

-Wes Lemke, Director of Racquets at The Clubs at Houston Oaks

My favorite part of the camp was the award ceremony. It brings a lot of fun and good energy to the end of each day, and it's fun to recognize campers.

-Wanzell Flemming, Racquet Sports Professional at Weston Racquet Club

My favorite moment was the exhibition match with all the pros and seeing all the campers cheering us on during the court-side happy hour and having fun watching us play.

-Xavier De Vreese, Tennis Professional at Omni Amelia Island Resort

What do you think players took away the most from the camp?

Every day we see the players build on their doubles knowledge and experience. Most notably in their doubles strategy, positional awareness and their confidence in both coming to the net, and when they’re within the service box. A good doubles pair work together, strategize and take the net, just like the Bryan Bros used to do.

-Jay Hemmings, CDT Traveling Tennis Professional

I think players take away the ability to learn more. Sometimes players get stuck in a rut, or don't believe they have the ability to make a certain shot. With DBC breaking it down and showing why we hit certain shots, it allows the players to execute them and have more belief in themselves.

-Cal Loveridge, Director of Racquets at Cimarron Hills Golf and Country Club

The main purpose of the boot camp is to help players get to a point where they can play more effective doubles with the tools that they already have at their disposal. Perhaps the biggest bit of strategy that I hope players took away is that you need to close on the net, and you need to play at the net as a pair. A lot of the drills that we did were intended to encourage players to move forward and play from the net, and I saw positive strides from a lot of players that came into the weekend and showed a bit of reluctance to move forward in the court.

-Wes Lemke, Director of Racquets at The Clubs at Houston Oaks

The fact that we have the time, and three days to break things down and dive deep into the reason we work on each exercise. We cover groundstrokes, volleys, how to move with the partner, placement, poaching, and more. Everything we work on leads towards improvements and gives them pointers they can continue practicing when they get home.

- Luana Stanciu, Tennis Professional at Omni Amelia Island Resort

The campers get time with all the coaches at the camp. This is valuable because we have such a diverse coaching team, and they get many different points of views. Each coach has their own style, and own way of showing technique and strategy. A player will find that they take away something from each coach because of this.

- Elliot Pegg, Senior Director of Tennis at Southampton Club and Camp

Why do you think this CDT event is so popular and continues to grow each year?

I think what makes these types of events so successful is the great group of teaching professionals that come together and deliver a variety of drills and teaching methods which helps elevate everyone’s games over the weekend.

-Doyle Springett, Junior Program Director at Parkland Golf & Country Club.

I think these events are so popular because campers have an opportunity to receive tips from different coaches and get a different perspective on a game. In addition to meeting all the coaches you get to meet, play with, and mingle with all the other campers. I have seen people make friends for life at the Doubles Boot Camp before!

-Galina Bykova, Director of Tennis at The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara

I think this event is so successful because of the coaches and staff that run it. The team is full of energy, and you can’t help but have fun while you're there.

- Wanzell Flemming, Racquet Sports Professional at Weston Racquet Club

At the end of the day, you have a group of players that are excited about tennis, and you have passionate coaches who care about connecting with players and helping them play better tennis. There is absolutely no reason for the camps to be anything but successful!

- Wes Lemke, Director of Racquets at The Clubs at Houston Oaks

The event always brings a ton of energy and fun, in addition to the instruction. It's a great blend between the two. The players also coming very open to feedback and instruction, which opens more opportunities to learn new shots and strategies.

- Cal Loveridge, Director of Racquets at Cimarron Hills Golf and Country Club


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