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Elevate Your Tennis Routine

By: Emilie Moeller

At this article’s inception, our team set out to identify ways to elevate your tennis routine beyond the go-to mix of clinics, lessons, and the like.

Perhaps it was seeing the same circle of players each week that fortified some of your greatest club friendships. Or maybe it was taking a lesson with your favorite pro twice a week that made you realize the endless learning opportunities this sport has to offer. For many, the habitual practices in our tennis routines suddenly became traditions we missed the most.

With that in mind, we revisited this article under a new goal – to give you fresh ideas to mix up your tennis routine, but to also acknowledge the unique qualities at the heart of this great, social game.

Take a lesson with a pro (or a new pro)

While pros are fantastic for developing your game at the foundational level, a great pro will also go beyond the strokes to maximize your tennis experience – be it through identifying new hitting partners for you, challenging you in new areas of your game, or simply delivering a memorable session on court at each lesson. Trying out new pros won’t necessarily bring you contrasting instruction, but different pros can offer unique perspectives on certain strategies or techniques you might not have previously considered.

Sign up for a tournament

So, you’ve taken lessons, tried out a few clinics, and hit with some friends over the weekends – what else is there? If you’re itching for a challenge, or simply a change of scenery to put what you’ve learned into practice, local tournaments are a great way to do both. Even if you’re participating in live ball hitting at your local club or tennis center, it’s hard to replicate the adrenaline and excitement that comes from putting your strokes to the test in a tournament setting. You’ll likely find yourself recognizing areas of your game that are more of a strength than you realized, or certain shots that tend to crack under pressure. No matter the outcome, tournaments are a great way to challenge yourself, meet other local players, and see your game from a new perspective.

Try out a new racquet

There’s nothing quite like the invigorating feeling that comes from hitting with a brand-new racquet for the first time, and while we can all agree that testing out a new racquet won’t catapult your abilities overnight, it can help you see your game from a new lens. As you focus on the feel, contact, speed and power of your shots while experimenting with a new model, the experience can also help you tune into those aspects of your own game and the strengths and weaknesses within each.

Sign up for a fitness class that complements your tennis routine

Whether improving your endurance level with a heart-pumping spin class or building power and stamina during a weight training session, incorporating complementary workouts to your tennis routine can increase your energy and reduce your risk of injury. Not to mention, you’ll likely find yourself outlasting opponents and upping the intensity (and payoff) of your lessons or clinics- simply by building a stronger fitness foundation.

Turn your least favorite drill into your favorite drill

Imagine turning a prominent insecurity into one of your greatest strengths. We have found that a similar concept applies here. Rarely is our least favorite drill the one we are the best at. More often, it is the opposite. While giving your least favorite drill a 180-degree transformation might at first glance sound like a good way to sabotage your tennis routine, dedicating the persistence to hone a particular skill can deliver newfound confidence across your game as a whole.

Make a vacation out of your passion for the game

We are slightly biased towards this tip, as we’ve made it our mission at Cliff Drysdale to deliver the "Ultimate Tennis Experience" through unforgettable vacations that celebrate our guests’ love for the sport. How did we get to be so passionate about what we do? We’ve seen time and again the impact a tennis vacation can have on a player’s game. When you return from a vacation and hit the courts at your home club, fresh off the heels of unforgettable memories and new friendships, you’ll find yourself with a newly ignited excitement for the game – and a reminder of why you picked up a racquet in the first place.

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