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Essential Items for Your Tennis Bag in 2023

Start off next year right! Here are some essential items to take in consideration to keep in your tennis bag as the new year is right around the corner.


Take your serve to the next level. Having a racquet that suits your game is so important (check out this tool to learn more about finding the right stick for your game). Don’t forget to take a second racquet in case your string breaks or it simply gets worn out! Be sure to have two of the same racquets.

Tennis Balls

It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to throw a few extra balls in your bag just in case! You never know when you may need spares for an impromptu hit or to take a few extra serves before your next match.

Water Bottle

You’ve heard it before, but hydration is key to perform at your best! During hot and humid conditions, you may consider tossing in some electrolyte drink packets to mix into your water bottle on the go if you need to quickly replenish key nutrients lost through sweat. You can make drinking more fun by customizing the water bottle to your preference.


Keep your hands dry and avoid having your racquet slip in your hand. Towels are especially valuable in humid conditions or during a particularly grueling match!

Over Grips & Dampeners

If your racquet feels funny in your hand, you may be in need of a new over grip. If you use dampeners, be sure to toss a spare or two in your bag. We have all had a match where they pop off and seemingly disappear from the court!


If you break strings, you will not want to replace them with something you are not used to. This way, if you are traveling for matches or a tennis camp, you will always have your favorite strings on hand. Find the strings you love playing with and be consistent with your game.

Hats & Visors

Stylish and efficient, hats and visors keep you cool and focused on sunny days on court. Even on cloudy days, we say it is always best to be prepared for a change in weather! We love some of these options from our friends at Lilly Pulitzer.

Tennis Bag

Lastly, in order to store all the items mentioned, you want to make sure you have the bag for it. HEAD has a variety of shapes and sizes depending on how much you’re carrying. Some even match your racquets!


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