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Father's Day Gift Guide

Get your Father's Day gift ideas straight from the Cliff Drysdale Tennis fathers!

1. Speed Gun

"I would recommend a speed gun, because what dad doesn't want to know if he can reach the whopping heights of 70mph on his serve, even if it hits the back fence most the time?"—Cal Loveridge, -Father of one, Director of Racquets at Cimarron Hills Golf & Country Club

2. Pickleball Paddle

"As a father, I love the pickleball! It’s a great game for the entire family to play together and not feel like you have to take it easy on your children. I play with the Head Radical Elite and would recommend it to any father". -Scott Colebourne -Father of two, CEO of Cliff Drysdale Tennis

3. Custom Tennis Socks

"As the newest first-time father in the Cliff Drysdale family, I have gained a new understanding and appreciation of all things comfortable. My dress shoes were automatically replaced with white New Balances and the shirts started getting tucked in. At the end of a long day on the court, there's nothing relaxing like taking a shower, slipping on a pair of socks and reclining in the couch. I would recommend making your father some custom socks he will love to slip on". --Robert Menzies, Father of one, Director of Racquets at Stratton Mountain Resort

4. Pickleball and Wine Weekend

"For Father’s Day I would love for my wife to send me to Chateau Elan in September for a pickleball weekend. Looks like the perfect combination of fun, relaxation, and a good time."-Matthew Coerver-Father of three, Director of Racquets at Southern Trace Country Club

5, Coffee Mug

"I would love a tennis themed mug or a personalized tennis cup from my daughter for my morning coffee to kick start my day."-Elliot Pegg, Father of one, Senior Director of Racquets at Southampton Club and Camp

6. Sunglasses

"For Father's day I would love to receive a pair of sunglasses. When it gets bright outside on the court, glasses will ensure I keep my eyes open and on the ball. -Rob Lowe, Father of one, Senior Director of Racquets at Tyler Athletic and Swim Club

7. A gift for the kids

"Father’s Day is a great day, but for me but the real joy is in my children’s smiles, and nothing makes them smile on the court more than their racket pets’ grips and dampeners. If you’re looking for a small gift for your children this Father’s Day, look no further than Racket Pets." -Scott Colebourne-Father of two, CEO of Cliff Drysdale Tennis


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