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How to Improve Your League Matches

Tennis leagues are common across many of our private membership facilities, and for good reason – they are excellent for refining your matchplay abilities, and gauging improvement over time as you advance to new divisions. Not to mention, leagues are a fun way to meet new players and add some competition to your tennis regimen!

No matter if you are a seasoned league competitor or just discovering their benefits, our team has rounded up three simple tips to improve your league results:

1. Take Lessons and Clinics

In addition to practices with your teammates, lessons and clinics are imperative to improve your results with the guidance of a professional. Private lessons will allow you to dive deep on technical improvements and customized feedback. Semi-private lessons can also be a valuable tool to work with your doubles partners or fellow teammates to learn and bond as a team. Meanwhile, clinics can provide fun and strategic drills that pair you up with new players and game styles. Not only will you be a more strategic player, but you will be more familiar with a variety of opponent styles so you can mitigate surprises on match day.

2. Play Practice Matches Outside of the League

This is a simple concept that you may have heard before, but the only way to get better at playing matches is to simply, play more matches. League match days will always include some extra nerves and adrenaline, but the most composed competitors are those with plenty of matchplay experience under their belt. You will find yourself calmer over time, while also being more confident in your own abilities since you will have tested them under pressure before.

3. Make Notes After Your League Matches

No matter if you win or lose, our coaches strongly recommend taking the extra time to jot down the positives and negatives from your match, especially when they are fresh on your mind. These notes will be valuable to take home and work on during your lessons and practice matches. Plus, this habit of self-reflection will help hone your in-match problem solving so you are better equipped to self-correct before the match is over.

We hope you can take advantage of these three quick tips to improve the outcomes of your next league match. Above all else, don’t forget to have FUN and be proud of the progress you have made to compete at the league level!


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