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Mixed Doubles Do’s and Don’ts

 Mixed Doubles is a fun and exciting way to play doubles that requires great communication, teamwork, and strategy between the partners. However, lots of recreational players are often unsure how aggressively they should play, how much court they should cover, or where to hit the ball in Mixed Doubles. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that will help you improve your Mixed Doubles game and make it more enjoyable.  




Work together and communicate. Winning a mixed doubles match is a team effort, so whether it is discussing strategy before the match, encouraging each other during the match, or communicating during points by saying “Yours” or “Mine”, you and your partner should always talk to each other to stay in sync.  


Have the stronger player take the Ad side. Whoever is the stronger player on the team, even if it is the female player, should take the Ad side. A lot of pressure points like 40-0, 40-30, Advantage, Game points, Break Points, and Match Points are played on that side of the court. Plus, if the stronger player plays on the Ad side, they will also have their forehand volley in the middle (unless that person is a lefty) which will give them more opportunities to poach and be more aggressive at the net.  


The stronger player serves first. If your partner has a great serve, let him or her serve first because that will give you a better chance to win the game or get a lead in the match. Otherwise, your team might be at risk of losing two games in a row and getting behind in the score. 





Don’t show negative emotions. Especially if you are the stronger player, your body language and attitude dictate the mood and energy of the team. Players feed off each other. Usually, the weaker player comes into the match already nervous and feeling the pressure, so even if your team is losing and your partner might be making mistakes, it’s very important to be a positive and supportive partner. That will help to boost your partner’s confidence and play better. A simple “You got this” or “We can do it” goes a long way.  


Don’t take over the court. Even if you are a stronger player, winning a Mixed Doubles match is a team effort. Trying to take over the court and hitting as many balls as possible might put you out of position and create an attacking situation for your opponents. That can also create a lack of confidence in your partner to execute basic shots.  


Don’t always play to the weaker player. A lot of players believe that no matter the situation, the ball has to be played at the weaker player. However, if you have a chance to play an aggressive ball at the stronger player that will put him/her out of position and create an opportunity to win the point, you should absolutely do it. 


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