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Quick 5-Minute Warm-Up Routine for Court Sports

Transitioning directly from bed to the court for a game of tennis, pickleball, or padel isn't the wisest move. Before diving into your favorite racquet sport, it's crucial to prep your body to minimize the risk of injury. Our Fitness Director, Paige Miller from John Newcombe Country Club, has crafted a speedy yet effective 5-minute warm-up routine tailored specifically for court sports enthusiasts.

This warm-up routine can be customized to suit your intensity preference, ensuring it complements rather than overshadows your main activity. It's essential to focus on dynamic movements rather than static stretches, activating all planes of motion—front, back, cross-body, upper body, and lower body. Here's a breakdown of six exercises designed to cover all bases in just five minutes:

  • Start with a brisk 1-minute walk or jog to elevate your heart rate and get the blood flowing.

  • High Knees: Perform 20 reps, lifting each knee towards your chest alternately.

  • Butt Kicks: Execute 20 reps, bringing your heels up towards your glutes with each kick.

  • Cross Reaches: Complete 20 reps, reaching across your body diagonally with each arm to engage your core and upper body.

  • Air Supported Squats: Do 20 reps, focusing on proper form and depth to activate your lower body muscles effectively.

  • Full Arm Rotations: Perform 10 forward and 10 backward rotations to mobilize your shoulder joints and enhance your range of motion.

  • Ankles and Calves: Finish with 10 reps on each leg, rotating and flexing your ankles to loosen up your lower legs and calves.

With this quick warm-up routine, you're primed and ready to hit the court with confidence, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. Remember, investing just five minutes in pre-court preparation can make all the difference in your performance and injury prevention efforts. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your racquet or paddle, and get ready to dominate your court sport of choice!


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