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Start A New Hobby This Year

A new year usually means New Year resolutions. You can start 2022 with a simple and FUN new way to stay active and healthy by getting into the game of racquet sports! Sports such as, tennis, pickleball, and padel are all sports that can be played for years to come due to their low-impact and many benefits on the body. All you have to do is simply check out what programs your nearby Cliff Drysdale facility has to offer and sign up!

If you are unsure of where to start because you have never picked up a racquet before, no worries! All Cliff Drysdale facilities offer one or more of the following: Tennis 101, private, semi-private, and group lessons. Each tennis professional is trained to accommodate players from beginners to advanced and help you get to your desired skill level. Once you have graduated from Tennis 101 you may then advance to Tennis 201 as well as join in on any social mixers and events that the facility might host on a weekly basis or throughout the year.

You can check with your CDT location to see if they offer pickleball and padel then find out which class best fits your level of play. Like the tennis programs these sports will also have either 101 or Beginners Clinics so you will get the chance to get your feet wet before jumping in!

Aside from the fun, these sports have great benefits for your body! Racquet sports are known to help maintain a healthy body weight, reduce your resting blood pressure, improve coordination, balance, and mobility. They also have some muscle strengthening benefits for both the upper and lower body. Of course along with all of the great physical benefits you get from these great sports, you will also get the benefits of being around people who are equally as interested in racquet sports and make new friendships as you progress through your programs and/or classes.

Don’t forget to involve a friend or family member so they can also experience the awesome benefits of becoming a part of the world of racquet sports! You can browse our website to see what facilities are in your area and learn more about the classes they have to offer. Before you know it, you will be ‘swinging’ into pro status!


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