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Swing Into Spring: How to Get Back on Court Quickly

The arrival of Spring for avid tennis players often signals the transition to the outdoor season. Whether you found yourself playing indoors during the cooler months of winter or taking some time off amidst damp and chilly conditions outside, Spring is the perfect time to reset your game for warmer days ahead!

As you set out to calibrate your game for the new season, our team has compiled some tips to help you get back on court quickly:

  1. Freshen Up Your Fitness: Court positioning and movement will be the first thing you want to focus on as you get back outside. Being in shape will make a huge difference in adjusting more quickly to the changes and finding the right rhythm. Try incorporating extra footwork drills to your fitness regimen and don’t forget to hydrate as the temperatures rise!

  2. Manage Your Margins: Particularly if you are transitioning from a season of indoor tennis, managing your margin for error on court will be especially key as you navigate outdoor conditions. Indoor tennis is absent of variables like sun and wind, and indoor courts are typically more fast paced. (You’ll likely find yourself playing more aggressively and closer to the baseline.) As you head outdoors, be sure to make space for errors by playing balls with a little extra net clearance and starting out slightly behind the baseline so you have more time to prepare.

  3. Check Your Expectations: The transition to outdoor, warmer tennis is not always an easy one! Be patient with yourself as you adjust to sun, wind, weather and a change of scenery. It will take time to calibrate your timing, so don’t add extra pressure to yourself with unrealistic expectations that will ultimately only make your game tight and defensive. Instead, try swinging free, enjoy the Vitamin D and don’t dwell on the inevitable mistakes that come from getting back on court!

Looking for extra ways to “swing into Spring”? Don’t hesitate to reach out to your Director of Tennis for customized recommendations on lessons and classes that will be most beneficial to your game!


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