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Top 5 Reasons to Sign Up for a Cliff Drysdale Tennis Ladies Retreat

Aptly known as the “Best Week in Tennis,” Cliff Drysdale Tennis Ladies Retreats have been a staple Signature Experience for a reason. Blending a week’s worth of tennis instruction, match play, and plenty of off-court social and dining activities, Ladies Retreats represent the best of both worlds when you’re looking for quality tennis instruction paired with relaxation at luxurious resort venues.

If you’re still on the fence about giving this unique tennis vacation a try for yourself, check out our team’s (and past retreat goers’) top five reasons to sign up this year!

1. Get a New Perspective on Your Game

Ladies Retreats are designed for enthusiastic tennis players who are looking for expert insights on ways to improve their game. As a result, each retreat features some of CDT’s top coaches from across the country to offer intuitive feedback on ways to improve your play. Within the retreat, coaches will rotate during each round of drills so players can glean a mix of perspectives and tips that refresh their game. It is easy to get bogged down with repeated feedback from your home club, so retreats offer the perfect refresher to explore new strategies you may not have previously considered.

2. Build Your Strategic Doubles Skills

Retreats feature a mix of educational drill sessions followed by afternoon match play so you can immediately put your learnings into practice. Drills center on doubles techniques and strategies, from court movement to poaching to offensive and defensive tactics and much more. Consequently, retreats are an excellent option for teams or partners to elevate their doubles skills alongside new opponents of a similar level. No partner? Not to worry! We will pair you up with partners that compliment your game and challenge you to get outside of your comfort zone on the doubles court, no matter your level.

3. Improve Your Match Play Under Pressure

One of the most common frustrations we hear from camp goers is performing under pressure. Retreats feature a unique team match play component to tackle this obstacle head-on. Each player is drafted to a team for the week of the retreat and will play a series of matches with different partners against opposing teams to simulate a competitive, team-oriented atmosphere that forces players to play through nerves and tightness in their strokes. During matches, team coaches will roam the courts to offer live feedback and strategic tips so players can tackle issues in the moment and overcome the all-too-familiar match play pressure in the process. Time and again, we have seen ladies make a complete transformation in their competitive abilities during this portion of the retreat!

4. Enjoy a Luxurious Tennis Vacation

World-class tennis instruction is an integral component of our Ladies Retreats, but we also strive to deliver a luxurious and relaxing vacation for all participants. In addition to plenty of on-court instruction, retreats also include a mix of organized happy hours and cultivated dinners so you can socialize with other players and experience local cuisines and dining venues. Retreat schedules are also strategically designed to afford players downtime throughout the week to explore the resort, book a restorative massage, relax by the pool or unwind with fellow players as they choose.

5. Foster Lifetime Friendships

After nearly two decades of hosting Ladies Retreats across the U.S., we have seen a mix of new and returning campers, spanning abilities, home clubs and playing styles. Throughout the many players we have had the sincere pleasure of working with, we have also had the unique privilege to see lifetime friendships forged on the tennis courts throughout the “Best Week in Tennis.” In addition, we have seen friendships and teammate relationships strengthened over the course of the retreat. Our team takes great pride in having developed (and continuing to develop) a finely tuned mix of drills, team match play and off-court activities designed to strengthen the bonds among fellow tennis players and reinvigorate our guests’ passion for the game.

But don’t just take our word for it – join us this Fall and you will have the opportunity to experience this once-in-a-lifetime tennis vacation firsthand!


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