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Top 5 Tennis & Pickleball Valentine's Day Gifts

It’s February and (dare we say) tennis starts with love, so it’s only fitting that we share our top Valentine’s Day gifts for the tennis, pickleball and padel players in your life! Whether you are shopping for a teammate or a sweetheart off the courts, our curated gifts are sure to please!

For your Teammate

You’ve probably logged plenty of on-court hours with your teammate(s), so take Valentine’s as an opportunity to find an off-court activity that everyone enjoys! Some of our team’s favorite ideas? Attend a wine tasting, take a cooking class together, or host a small gift exchange! Bonding over activities separate from the sport that brought you together is sure to strengthen your team’s chemistry and friendships in the process!

For your Sweetheart

Treat your sweetheart to a gift you’ll both enjoy! Take your passion for racquet sports on the road with a Signature Event or a custom experience at our host of resorts around the world. Whether you are looking for an oceanside getaway in Hawaii or a cozy winter venue in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the opportunities are endless!

For your Junior Valentine

When your young athlete is building their racquet skills, they are often building their repertoire of equipment as well! Consider adding a new racquet to their collection like the HEAD Boom, a new and popular stick known for easy access to power and endorsed by the young tennis star, Coco Gauff. Looking for a smaller addition to their bag? There’s always room for an extra water bottle, a sun-protecting visor, or extra over grips and dampeners to keep on hand!

For your Non-Racquet Sports Friend

You also likely have friends that haven’t had the chance to get on court yet! To introduce them to your beloved racquet sports, treat them to a semi-private lesson of pickleball, just the two of you! Pickleball’s rapid learning curve makes it an easy first step in the world of racquet sports.

For Yourself

When we think of treating ourselves this month, our team recommends trying out a new racquet sport, such as padel or glow-in-the-dark pickleball to keep your racquets routine fresh! For our diehard tennis players, register for a new clinic like Cardio Tennis (perfect for national Heart Month!) or attend a private lesson with a new pro for a fresh perspective on your game. Your ideal Valentine’s treat may even be a relaxing massage or stretch therapy session to restore your muscles in between lessons and clinics. “You do you,” as they say!


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