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What a Pickleball Camp Can Do for Your Game

As a regular pickleball player, you might be wondering – “What can a pickleball vacation really do for my game?” Perhaps you are already playing in regular tournaments, hitting your local courts for round robin play, and keeping your game sharp with the occasional lesson or clinic from your home coach. What more could a pickleball camp do for you?

In short – the benefits are many! Our Experience pickleball camps come in custom camp options along with Pickleball Boot Camps and Pickleball & Wine Weekends held at select venues throughout the year. Below, we’ll share more about each so you can determine the best option for your game.

Custom Pickleball Camps

Custom Pickleball Camps are just that – customizable vacations that allow you to dictate the combination of lessons and clinics you receive at your resort of choice. These custom camps are particularly ideal for couples, partners or teams looking for a specialized mix of instruction specific to their goals and game styles. Plus, you can take home the drills you learned at the camp for continued practice back at your home courts!

Luana Stanciu, a Director of Racquets who has held positions at Omni Amelia Island Resort and Owl’s Nest Resort, shared, “When I have a custom camp group, I always ask them what they’d like to focus on during their stay so they can truly make the vacation their own. From there,” she continued, “I will guide the group through drills that target what they want to work on, and we will progress into live ball and match play activities so they can put their learnings into practice.”

In addition to customization on the court, you can also choose your destination! Custom pickleball camps are offered at Experience facilities across the country, from sunny Carlsbad, California to the serene North Georgia foothills or the tropical Florida Keys. Just find your ideal venue and get to dinking!

Pickleball Boot Camps

Perhaps you are looking for a well-rounded pickleball weekend that features tips directly from the game’s leading professionals. If this describes you, Pickleball Boot Camps are the way to go! Pickleball Boot Camps are a newer addition to the Experience events calendar modeled after the popular Doubles Boot Camps for tennis players. Friday, Saturday and Sunday, players will receive technical, strategic and competitive instruction designed to cover key tactics within the game. Plus, guests can enjoy casual Q&A sessions with some of the top pickleball pros in the world!

This year, we are offering Pickleball Boot Camps alongside Sam Querrey, who was selected with the top overall pick in the January Major League Pickleball Challenger draft by the D.C. Pickleball Team. As a former top tennis player himself, boot camps with Sam Querrey are ideal for tennis players who have added pickleball to their racquets repertoire, as he brings a deep understanding of key similarities and differences between the two sports.

Pickleball boot campers can expect a mix of drills followed by coached match play to immediately put their learnings into practice with the added benefit of live feedback from our professionals.

Pickleball & Wine Weekends

Looking for the perfect mix of top instruction paired with top relaxation? Enter our Pickleball & Wine Weekends! This unique camp was inspired by our resort partners with onsite wineries. It wasn’t long before our team got to work designing three days of pickleball instruction complemented by a guided wine tasting to give guests the ultimate lesson-plus-leisure experience.

If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut with your pickleball game, a pickleball vacation can be an excellent way to hit refresh as you learn new drills, glean fresh insights from our pro team and enjoy a luxurious vacation while you’re at it!


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