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Breaking the Comfort Zone: Doubles Boot Camp 2024

This week (Friday to be specific!) marks the return of Doubles Boot Camp to the spring schedule. Now in its 11th year, DBC has become a pillar of our teaching philosophy and style at adult camps around the world, and gives us a chance to start the year with new ideas and new concepts to take to our guests.

We've expanded DBC to it's largest footprint ever this year, with four sold out weekends being hosted over the next five weeks at Omni Amelia Island Resort, two sold out weekends at Baha Mar Resort and one (nearly sold out - sign up here!) weekend at Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort. We have also expanded DBC's on the west coast and added another stunning location in Carmel Valley Ranch, which also kicks off a full camp this Friday, January 19th.

Our goal is that regardless of where you visit, our team of pros will be delivering a similar experience that creates a fun, high energy, learning environment. Our growing events team and all Directors at our host resorts have built a central theme for this year's camp, and it's time to unveil it...

Breaking the Comfort Zone

What all of our racquets experts agreed on is that many club level players (and even above that level!) believe they are most effective when they are playing the shots in the parts of the court they feel most comfortable. Comfort, however, does not often equal effective. And it certainly does not often lead to improvement! The core areas that our team will be focusing on: -Holding Your Ground at the Baseline -Embracing the Transition Area (yes, we're talking about no mans land!) -Commitment on Approach Shots and Mid-Court Volleys -Volleying to finish, not extend -Second Serve Opportunities To learn more about what each of those mean, you have to be there! We look forward to seeing both new and familiar faces at Doubles Boot Camps across North America over the next 5 weeks, and if you couldn't make it this year, keep an eye out for our many other offerings throughout the year!


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