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Star Power: The VIP U.S. Open Experience

After the success of Indian Wells and seeing just how happy tennis fans were in the desert, we’ve worked hard to build a unique opportunity at the biggest tennis event in the nation, the U.S. Open. Everything is a little bigger, a little louder, and it all means a little bit more when you’re at one of the four Grand Slams.

Heading into its third year, our U.S. Open VIP Experience is a camp that helps take away some of the logistical challenges of the Big Apple, while enjoying just what makes it so special - the energy and passion from the city. We keep this camp small on purpose, and it makes for a very special weekend. From transportation, convenient lodging in Midtown, to clinics on Roosevelt Island, this is a camp that we did not know was possible for a long time.

Introduced in 2022, Overlook Hospitality tickets are included for all in our camp, and it provides a perfect opportunity for quality Arthur Ashe stadium seats, as well as necessary respite from the hot, humid conditions. Located next to court 17, the Overlook Suite features an immaculate food spread, as well as some of our favorite U.S. Open drinks - most notably the Honey Deuce. In 2023, we want to take this camp to the next level, and have partnered with Sam Querrey to provide our campers a 90 minute clinic with the former top American star. Ever wanted to return a 135 mile per hour serve? This is your chance. The clinic is followed by a happy hour and Q&A session, where Sam gives unique insight into what the tour is really like.

Whether you are a regular at the Open or are looking to attend for the first time, this is a camp you seriously need to consider. We do limit this one to just 12 people, so check it out ASAP and we hope to have you join us. Click here to learn more about the U.S. Open Camp!


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