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“YOU GOT THIS” HEAD’s Latest Boom Racquet

With a striking “YOU GOT THIS” emblazoned along the frame, HEAD’s latest racquet inspires ambitious tenacity even before stepping on the tennis court. Naturally, the team at Cliff Drysdale Tennis could not wait to put its striking cosmetic to the test, and the feedback was clear – forget whatever racquet you have been using, because the BOOM has arrived.

Here is what one of our lucky test drivers, Teg Lozano, Director of Tennis at The Club at Castlewood in Pleasanton, California, had to say:

When I first unwrapped the HEAD Boom racquet, a black stick with neon turquoise “YOU GOT THIS” lettering painted along the frame, I was reminded of a university teammate who played with an all-black, logo-less racquet that we jokingly deemed “the prototype.” While the Boom’s slick black frame vaguely resembled my teammate’s “prototype”, all it took was one hit on court to realize that the Boom is far from a joke.

The Boom’s dark design and aqua accents proved eye-catching on court and immediately caught the attention of my junior players. A few of my Academy athletes took it for a spin and the Boom was quickly a popular choice for it’s fun, responsive feel and effortless power. The Boom earned a similar reception when I brought it along to my adult beginner Tennis 101 class. Participants loved the color scheme and distinct “YOU GOT THIS” along the frame. It was the perfect accessory to encourage the new players along their Tennis 101 journey!

I have been a HEAD Radical diehard for most of my tennis days, but after teaching and hitting with the Boom, I have a feeling my Radical will be taking a backseat. Just like my juniors, I quickly noticed the stick’s effortless power as each shot came screaming off my strings. Despite the pace, I also found that the Boom delivered a surprising amount of control from the baseline. As a player who prefers to end points quickly at the net, I developed a newfound confidence in my groundstrokes from the Boom’s easy pace and reliable control. After busting the strings, I paired the racquet with some HEAD Hawk Rough to deliver more bite on the ball which proved to be the perfect combination. All in all, I believe that players of most any level could pick up the Boom and find fast success with its responsive control and effortless power generation.

As for myself, I have to take pity on my fellow Cliff Drysdale Tennis directors should they find themselves across the net from me because you can guarantee I’ll be bringing the BOOM in 2022.


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